Patient Stories

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"Each time I came to Dr. Zwiebel’s office, he and his staff made me feel so at ease and part of their family. I am so happy that I made the choice to have breast augmentation."
Patient Story

Iman, 28 years old, native of Paris, France, where she was born and raised and then Iman moved to New Orleans, the soul of America. Due to Hurricane Katrina she has since relocated to Denver, CO. Iman made her decision to have plastic surgery to further pursue her modeling career and to simply feel good about herself. She now feels confident in all the clothes she wears. Iman is so happy she selected Dr. Zwiebel and his staff.

"This is the best thing I have done for myself. I now look forward to summer and showing off my new look. I was surprised at how quickly I recovered and got back to my active lifestyle with the kids. Dr. Zwiebel and his staff made me feel so safe and secure."
Patient Story

Lisa, 47 years old, is a happily married woman with 3 children. She made the decision to have plastic surgery because she wanted to look as young as she feels. Lisa has a teenage son and a younger set of twins. Giving birth had taken its toll on her body and having had the twins later in life, she wanted to look the way she felt. Lisa underwent a Mile High Mommy Makeover. Lisa is active and constantly on the go. Who wouldn’t be on the go with a set of twins?

"I felt like I was part of their family and I knew I was in the best of hands. I am so thankful that I had my surgery performed with Dr. Zwiebel. Having the pain pump made recovery so easy."
Patient Story

Holly, 37 years old, is married with one son who keeps her life very full and busy. Holly decided that following the birth of her son, Owen, that she wanted to get back the fullness she once had with her breasts. Holly was very nervous about surgery. Once she met with Dr. Zwiebel and his staff, her worries were put to rest.

"I love the staff, the office vibe and Dr. Zwiebel was so easy to speak to. I knew that he was my surgeon of choice. I am so happy that I did this. I feel so much more confident and sexy."
Patient Story

Maggie is 35 years old and happily married with 3 children. After having her children and then losing over 60 pounds, Maggie wanted to regain her body. She came in to see Dr. Zwiebel.

Patient Quotes
  • “My GYN was amazed on how natural my breast augmentation turned out.”
  • “Everybody here is just great. When you walk into your office you can just tell. You are all really good people. You really care”
  • “I tell everybody how great you guys are. This has made such a difference to me.” -L
  • “It is amazing how much better I feel in clothing. It’s much more fun shopping.” –K
  • “The whole experience was just great. I am so happy with the results.” -J
  • “Oh fantastic and it looks so natural” -Y
  • “I’ve spoken with many others who have gone through this procedure, and your center is far above the rest. It was a great experience.” -J (Breast Augmentation)
  • “This has made such a difference: in the way I look, in the clothes I can wear, in the way I feel about myself, in my life. I am so happy in my choice to have the surgery. It has been such a great experience.” -L (Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift & Arm Lift)
  • “You did it right: you really listened to what I wanted and my lifestyle. The whole office was very supportive. I sent a friend to you for surgery and she was so impressed. You really take the time to get it right.” -K (Eyelid Lift and Breast Augmentation)
  • “The results are astounding!” -L. (Arm Lift, Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift)
  • “I am so happy. I tell all my friends to come to see you.” -A (Breast Augmentation)
  • “It has done so much for my self-image. My pants fit better: they are actually baggy and loose in front. Exercise is so much easier. Before surgery, I wondered if it would be worth the recovery time and expense: the results are great, I am so happy I did it. It was totally worth it!” -C (Abdominoplasty and Thigh/Hip Liposuction)
  • “I can’t stop talking about how happy I am with the results. I look so natural. My figure looks so much better; I love to go shopping again. You knew exactly what I wanted. I got exactly what I wanted. I just look great. Thank you so much. You guys are great. I love all of you!” –K (Breast Augmentation)
  • “I’m thrilled. I am so happy I did it. I already forgot what I looked like before.” –K (Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift)
  • “Precision engineering.” -K (Breast Augmentation)
  • “I get so many compliments. I’m very happy with the results. “ -J (Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation)
  • “You guys were so fantastic. I was really scared, but you made it so easy, it was actually fun. You were all so great and I’m really happy with the results. Thank you so much.” -L
  • “My boyfriend said to tell you, ‘You did a fantastic job! Really great!’” -M (Body Lift)
  • “I am so happy. It was a great experience.” -R (Abdominoplasty)
  • “I told all my relatives and friends, they have to come here.” -V (Breast Lift)
  • ”You guys do such a great job. You make it so easy. That was important to me. You’re the best.” -K
  • “When I looked in the mirror right after surgery and I saw the feminine figure, instead of the boyish body, I knew right away that I’d made the right choice. I’m sending all my friends to see you.” -M (Breast Augmentation)
  • “Both Dr. Zweibel and the nurse (Karen) were very engaged and took the time to answer any and all questions. I never felt rushed and it was clear they wanted me to be happy with results. I highly recommend Dr. Zweibel for this procedure.” -A
  • “The overall experience was fantastic from people, procedure and post op. Very friendly helpful patient and knowledgeable.” -S
  • “The team is great. Dr. Z is great.” – H
  • “Loved Dr Z and all the nurses. So thorough and informative.” -Q
  • “Received very helpful and informative information on my original consultation. Staff was extremely friendly and I didn’t feel like they were just there for my money but had a true concert for my well being and helping me through out the entire process. Made to feel comfortable throughout the entire process and with any questions that I had along the way. Felt very comfortable with the surgeons experience and would be in safe hands.” -G
  • “This facility is fantastic. Each and every one of the staff was friendly and knowledgable. I received a personal phone call from the doctor the evening after my surgery was completed and this allowed me to feel like he cares about me as a person not just another patient. I have and will recommend Dr. Zwiebel’s facility!” -P
  • “Staff and doctor are amazing! Very kind and thoughtful, and really listened to all my questions and concerns. The results of my surgery are spectacular! Also, they are always available by phone for questions and never made me feel like I was a nuisance when calling. ” -G
  • “Dr. Zwiebel is a magician and artist all wrapped up in a friendly and patient surgeon.” -S
  • “Very kind and knowledgeable.” -J
  • “The staff were all friendly and welcoming but nothing was said or done that stood out to give the higher rating of highly satisfied. Dr. Zwiebel was very professional yet friendly and made me feel comfortable to proceed with the procedure I have scheduled.” -G
  • “Everything was very complete. I was pleased with my experience from beginning to end. I am delighted with my result so far.” -H
  • “Had prior knowledge of the surgeon and was highly satisfied with his expertise and quality of care.” -L
  • “Already knew of the expertise and character of the surgeon….have complete confidence in him.” -N
  • “The office staff is very friendly and accommodating. The nurses were kind and very explanatory. Dr. Zwiebel is very encouraging, thorough, kind, skilled” -B
  • “In the last year I had several surgeries due to an accident so when I chose to have elective surgery I was expecting the same Dr office experience but Dr Zwiebel and his staff are always available for immediate help and made me feel relaxed about the whole process.” -E
  • “The entire experience is more than I could have hoped for. I chose Dr. Zwiebel on a recommendation from my sister, even though it meant I had to travel out of state. He is amazing. Confident, kind, and patient, he answered all my questions at the consultation and did a wonderful job with the surgery. The entire staff is spectacular, from my first contacts with Amy via email and phone. I highly recommend Dr. Zwiebel!” -K
  • “The staff was courteous and professional. The consult was relaxed with informative, comprehensive and printed information.” -I
  • “Staff and Dr. Z. So friendly and attentive. Great follow up and great result” -T
  • “I love every person in this practice! From the first phone call to the last followup visit, they are professional, caring, attentive and amazingly skilled!” -K
  • “The whole staff made me feel like I was the only client, like I was top priority. I was well taken care during the whole process. Dr. Zwiebel offers the best plastic surgery and I have complete confidence in his work. I am so grateful for choosing Dr. Zwiebel. ” -V
  • “Everyone did a great job! I have already told a few people about Doctor Z and will come back again! ” -B
  • “As an Anesthesiologist, I have dealt with A large number of Surgeons professionally. Dr. Zwiebel was far and above the best Surgeon for my procedure, in fact I went to him and paid cash, even though my procedure would have been covered by my insurance. His pre-op care was outstanding and everything was explained to make sure I knew what to expect through the process. Is skill level as a Plastic/Reconstructive surgeon was outstanding, and definitely surpassed other surgeons I have worked with. Postoperatively his caring and availability were outstanding. He is not only a fantastic surgeon, but also VERY caring and involved in all of my peri-operative care. My expectations were far surpassed and not only am I having him performing my next surgical revision, but would absolutely recommend him to any of my friends and family members. Honestly, I was surprised by the care and compassion and elated with the results of my surgery. ” -J
  • “Total transformation!” -M
  • “I’ve had procedures by this surgeon twice before and was immensely pleased with his work, his expertise, his caring manner/personality……wouldn’t want anyone else to do plastic surgery on me. I’m wild about him!” -G
  • “Being treated with a high level of respect. Having all of my questions answered professionally and accurately. Feeling comfortable with Dr. Zwiebel himself as well as all of the support staff… Deborah… Amy… Susan and Karen. Not feeling rushed or discounted in any way.” -M
  • “The entire staff was friendly and seemed genuinely interested in answering my questions. The size and shape of the implants was very important to me and I felt all options were discussed in detail and the surgeon made sure all of my questions were answered.” -R
  • “Meagan was easy to talk to & was willing to complete my procedure til I was satisfied which required a few visits.” -S
  • “Meagan was easy to talk to, listened to my concerns & did the procedure til I was satisfied.” -F
  • “My necklift took some work, but it ended up with very good results!” -T
  • “When I initially called in to make the appointment, the girl who I spoke with was very unprofessional and not very knowledgeable. I almost didn’t make an appointment based on this, but I really wanted to meet with Dr. Zwiebel so I made the appointment. When I arrived, there was no one sitting at the front desk and I waited around ten minutes before someone finally appeared.” -P
  • “Everyone was very knowledgeable and very interested in concerns or questions I had. And over all it was just very well presented and followed through with everything they talked about and very friendly and understandable ” -W
  • “I felt confident and comfortable with the professionalism and kindness throughout the entire experien” -D
  • “Dr. Zwiebel is a very friendly and personable doctor. He provided what I felt were honest and realistic answers to the questions I had involving the complexity and risks associated with the surgery. He and the staff made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after the surgery. Everyone seemed very competent, and I feel the results of the surgery improved my overall appearance. I don’t know what the final outcome will be with some swelling I hope will diminish, but I feel a lot better about the shape of my nose so far. ” -G
  • “The knowledge and professionalism and care that I recieved from the physician and staff .” -P
  • “The entire staff is so friendly and make you feel right at home. I will definitely be returning for future procedures. ” -N
  • “Dr zwiebel is a class act honest guy. He truly cares about his patients satisfaction. The whole practice is wonderful friendly & most importantly respectful. l will recommend them to anybody. ” -A
  • “I am still in the recovery process and it is going well, but I am reserving the “highly satisfied” until I am completed healed.” -B
  • “The staff and doctor were very professional and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. They took great care of me and I am extremely happy with the outcome of my procedure, I couldn’t be happier!” -K
  • “Post-op protocols were thorough and comprehensive which let to quick recovery, competency and concern of the staff and surgeon are off the chart. Everyone REALLY cared about my recovery and well-being.” -C
  • “The surgeons incredible knowledge and experience. The staffs confidence in their surgeon’s ability. ” -J
  • “excellant care” -T
  • “I am very scared of doctors. All doctors offices give me anxiety and I end up crying for no reason. From the minute I walked into this office I felt safe and comfortable. ” -L
  • “From start to finish (almost-still healing lol) everything went perfect. I was pleased with the friendliness of the staff as well as the professionalism. Dr. Zwiebel took the time to answer every question and to thoroughly explain the pre and post op procedures. I love my new nose!!!! I have met several other patients of his and have have loved all their work also! ” -O
  • “I am pleased this Dr. Can perform this procedure.” -P
  • “I was highly satisfied with the experience because they made it easy for me to prepare and recover. They were extremely helpful with any questions and concerns I had. The doctor and nursing staff were kind, helpful and informative. The atmosphere was very calming, welcoming and relaxing. They walked through everything before hand and followed up promptly afterwards. Everything went smooth from start to finish. I enjoyed the overall experience and would recommend Dr. Paul to anyone and everyone and I have. ” -J
  • “My experience was incredible. The results were great and the treatment by Dr. Zwiebel and all the others was absolutely great. I highly recommend them!” -A
  • “I lover my nose and my brests. Everything looks natural and so beautiful. I’m very happy. ” -C
  • “Love Dr Zwiebel and all his staff. They made me feel very comfortable with such a major decision and investment.” -B
  • “Dr. Zwiebel was beyond professional and personable. I was immediately comfortable with him. He validated my desire for the necessity of the surgery…I am not a frivolous person and am conservative in nature. He was great to talk to, and was wonderful prior to the surgery & great afterwards. The staff was genuinely happy for me with the results after my surgery. Dr. Zwiebel’s staff is amazing. Good people to the core. Highly recommend them to anyone wanting to conference about a surgical procedure & become informed. ” -P