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Proudly serving Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch and Nearby Areas of Colorado

ThermiRF: Applying the "Science of Heat" to treat a variety of aesthetic soft tissue and nerve conditions.

ThermiRF - Denver, Colorado

ThermiSmooth - Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton

A Non-Invasive Solution for Smoothing Skin

From cellulite to facial wrinkles, ThermiSmooth improves the appearance of lax skin with no surgery or downtime. A simple series of quick, once a week treatments over four weeks can improve skin texture, even during your lunch break. Whether you have wrinkles around the eyes, crepe texture hands or lax skin around the abdomen, ThermiSmooth is the simple, non-invasive solution for skin laxity.

ThermiTight - Zwiebel Center for Plastic Surgery and Skin Care

ThermiTight - Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton

A Single Treatment Solution for Skin Laxity

How you can treat your sagging neck, quickly and without the downtime associated with major surgery? ThermiTight is the answer.

ThermiTight is a RF treatment that tightens lax skin just about anywhere on your body. Only local anesthetic is required to keep you comfortable during the short procedure. Your results will resolve gradually over 4-6 weeks, and may improve for up to a year! Click here to see real results...