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Skin Elasticity in Denver

Among the changes in skin with aging, the loss of skin elasticity is one of the most important. Skin elasticity determines the tone of the skin, the ability of the skin to remain firm and resist stretching. The loss of elasticity leads to sagging, wrinkles and folds.

Cosmetic Surgery cannot restore elasticity. With various surgical procedures we can remove extra, stretched out skin, which can improve shape and contour, and reduce some folds.

Safe Plastic Surgery in Denver

Another distressing news story about a death after elective cosmetic surgery: a 39 year old former Miss Argentina died of complications following cosmetic surgery, this week.

It’s been two years since Donda West (mother of Kanye West) succumbed to complications after a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Are these deaths avoidable?

Legislative attempts to regulate safety are not always as helpful as intended.

Denver Revision Rhinoplasty

In my practice, I have many patients who come to see me requesting revision rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) after they have had an unsatisfactory result from a procedure performed by another surgeon.. The problem is usually an unsatisfactory appearance, but may sometimes include functional (breathing) problems.

Why does this occur?


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