Capsule Formation

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development of firmness of the breast after breast implants. Denver women should always take the time to understand all aspects of the breast augmentation process.

What is a “capsule” and why is it so important to a successful result to breast augmentation? Is there a “good capsule”? How do you avoid a “bad capsule”? The answers are ones that every women having breast implant should know!

The Pocket: When we perform a Denver breast augmentation, we create a space (also called the “pocket”) for the implant behind the natural breast, oftentimes behind the chest (pectoral) muscle. After surgery, the body recognizes that there is a foreign object, the implant, and that it needs to move. To protect the surrounding raw tissue surfaces of the breast, muscle and ribs, the body creates a lining around the implant. Because the implant is moving in the pocket, the body creates a smooth slick lining that allows motion. This lining is very smooth and white and looks exactly like the lining of a joint called the joint capsule, which helps the motion of the joint. That’s why we also call the lining around the implant a capsule, because it looks just like the joint capsule and it helps with motion.

The Good Capsule: The ideal breast capsule is a thin delicate and supple lining with a pocket large enough to allow the motion of the implant to mimic the motion of the natural breast. The result is a natural flowing breast that moves naturally and feels naturally soft.

The Bad Capsule: If the capsule gets thick or stiff, or if it tightens down around the implant, the result is an implant that feels firm, doesn’t move with the breast, and may have an unnatural shape or position. If there has been inflammation, scarring can add to the stiffness of the capsule (“scar capsule contracture”).

How do you get a “good capsule” and avoid a “bad capsule?”  The answers are in my blog: 5 Really Important Things to Do to Prevent Capsule Contracture!