Breast Implants: Looking Real, Part 1: Size

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Breast augmentation is the most frequent procedure I perform, doing well over one hundred augmentations a year. In my practice in Denver, breast augmentation is frequently discussed with women who uniformly express the concern that they do not want results that look “fake.” In this blog, I’ll talk about what goes into avoiding the “fake look.”

The causes of a fake appearance after breast augmentation relate to size, shape, position and motion.

If the implant size is too big for a woman’s frame, she will have a result that will look disproportionately large and distort a woman’s figure, rather than enhance it. This can cause too much fullness in the upper and lateral chest and create an unnatural appearance, as well as difficulty in getting clothes to fit and drape attractively.

Too larger a breast augmentation can draw too much attention to a woman’s breasts and leave a woman feeling self-conscious rather than attractive.

How, then, to avoid the costly mistake of too large an augmentation, but still get the results you want?

Fitting the implant to the person is a key part of a breast augmentation consultation with an experienced breast implant specialist. Careful consideration of each woman’s goals, as well as her particular physique, are critical to achieving successful results.

In my practice in Denver, breast augmentation consultations begin by discussing your goals: understanding your vision is basic to getting you the result you seek. Each woman’s sense of self, sense of aesthetic balance is personal and unique, particularly in her sense of her own body.

Next we perform an examination which includes measurements that inform us what will fit your particular body, taking into account the size and shape of your breasts and your chest, as well as other important factors like skin tone and elasticity.

Then in our imaging studio, we use our state of the art Axis Three Dimensional Breast Simulator. We’ll digitally capture your own image to simulate images of you with implants of different size (and shape) so you can see what your results can look like, and together we can fine-tune your surgery plan to optimize your results.

Your best assurance for getting great results from breast augmentation come form good communication with your plastic surgeon, careful planning and choosing an experienced breast implant specialist with a reputation for producing natural results.