The Difference between High, Mid, and Low-Profile Breast Implants

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If you’ve been researching your breast augmentation options, you understand there are many ways for you to customize your results with different options, like placing your breast implants above or below the muscle, choosing your incision site, and selecting saline or silicone breast implants. The profile of your breast implants is another option you can use to customize your breast augmentation results by changing the shape of your breast implants.

Understanding Breast Implant Profile

These days, almost all breast implants used for breast augmentation are round—circular—though once placed in the breast gravity helps the achieve an anatomic teardrop shape when you are standing or sitting, and flattens them when you lie down, just as it does with natural breast tissue.

Normal, low-profile breast implants lie the flattest. For the same volume, a mid-profile implant will be narrower and taller. High profile implants will be even narrower and taller. For example, three implants, all 125 cc in volume (about half a measuring cup, but about enough to increase your bra size by a cup). The low profile breast implant is 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter and 2.2 cm (a little less than an inch) tall. The mid profile is 8.9 cm wide and 2.8 cm tall. The high profile is 8.3 cm wide and 3.5 cm tall.

When Breast Implant Profile Matters

Breast implant profile is useful when you are trying to get a breast shape that fits your frame. If, for example, you want to achieve a certain amount of forward projection, but if you have a narrow rib cage, you can use high-profile breast implants to get the projection you want without having breast implants that spill off the sides of your chest.

Do They Look Natural?

When properly used, all breast implant profiles can be used to create attractive, natural-looking results. Natural breasts are as varied in shape as they are in size, so it’s actually more natural to have different shapes for breast implants. Using mid- or high-profile breast implants to achieve your results certainly looks more natural than trying to achieve the results with breast implants that are just too wide for your body.

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