Plastic Surgery Denver: Summer Time is The Right Time!

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Many young adults are curious and inquire about the benefits of Plastic Surgery, but student life is demanding, offering little time for activities outside the pressures of the academic world.

So many of my patients are full time students; some have the further pressures of athletic commitments. Finding the right time for an elective cosmetic procedure such as breast augmentation (breast enhancement), rhinoplasty (nose surgery), reduction of excess breast tissue (“man boobs” or gynecomastia), or ear reduction surgery (otoplasty) can be challenging.

We know that your time and budgets are tight! Student Special!

To respond to your special needs, Dr. Zwiebel has initiated a special summer time program to assist you to make affordable and find the time in your busy lives for the procedures that boost self-image and self confidence.

Call or e-mail today to learn more about this limited opportunity.