Breast Implants: Looking Real, Part 4: Motion

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In previous blogs, I wrote about size, shape and position as all being important elements of an attractive natural appearing result from breast augmentation. In this blog, I’ll talk about the importance of motion of the implant.

For an augmented breast to have a natural appearance, it must move with the woman’s natural breast.  If the implant is in a fixed position, it creates “an obvious augmented look.”

At the time of breast augmentation, I create a space for the implant behind the breast tissue (subglandular or prepectoral) or behind the chest muscle (subpectoral). The space I create must be big enough for the size ands shape of the implant.  The size and shape of the space must be sufficient to allow the implant to follow the motion of the breast as the woman moves.

Imagine lying back next to the pool on a hot summer day: your breast will flatten and move up on the chest, and a little to the side, as a result of the change in your position.  Now imagine lying back after your breast augmentation: if the implants stay fixed on the chest and don’t move well, they will remain too round and point at the sky.  This abnormal shape will be obvious to even a casual observer.  You may well have already seen exactly what I’ve described in someone who has had poor results from breast enhancement.

On the other hand, if the space for the implant is too big, the implants may flop too far to the side of the chest!

Either situation is bound to make a woman feel self-conscious, rather than feel good about the way she looks.

So, the correct motion of a breast implant is important to get an attractive and natural appearing result from yourbreast augmentation Denver procedure.