Refining Rhinoplasty in Denver

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The greatest refinements in cosmetic nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) are the ones that produce a natural result, one that does not look like the person had had plastic surgery. Technical refinements make important differences, but the keys to success are often much more basic.

A major reason for a nose looking “done” is disproportion: the nose has to fit the face, and the parts of the nose have to be in proportion to the other parts of the nose.

Other bad results occur when the nose is “overdone.” Trying to accomplish more than is appropriate or reasonable will lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction.

With rhinoplasty, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Zwiebel says, some of the most important lessons to learn are what not to do. The patient won’t have reasonable expectations if the surgeon doesn’t have reasonable expectations!

How do we achieve those natural looking results?

  • the surgeon must listen to what it is the patient wants.
  • the surgeon must be fully versed and experienced in the techniques of nasal surgery.

The experience part is very important: years of seeing how different noses respond to surgery makes all the difference in choosing the right techniques and in recognizing limitations.

Denver rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Zwiebel has invested in imaging technology that allows you to visualize the final result during your pre-operative consultation.

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