Your Implants Still Want You to Take Antibiotics Before You Get Your Teeth Cleaned

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Previously, I wrote a post on my Denver plastic surgery blog, “5 Really Important Things to Do to Prevent Capsule Contracture,”  explaining the importance for women with breast implants to be sure to take a single dose of amoxicillin (or another antibiotic if you have penicillin allergy) before having a surgical procedure or having your teeth cleaned by the dentist or hygienist.

For decades, antibiotic prophylaxis was standard for people with heart murmurs to prevent developing an infection of the heart valves. Recently, The American Heart Association and the American Dental Association concluded that taking an antibiotic (antibiotic prophylaxis) was unnecessary for patients with heart murmurs.

So why should women with breast implants still take antibiotic prophylaxis?

Because there is a big difference from what was studied by the American Heart Association. The likelihood that bacteria getting into the bloodstream could actually cause an infection of a heart valve was found to be insignificant. However, the stimulation of a capsule contracture is believed to be an effect of the immune system’s reaction to the presence of those bacteria.

Although we do not have absolute scientific proof that antibiotic prophylaxis will prevent capsule contracture, there have been many clinical reports of women developing contractures after a dental cleaning, even many years after having soft breast implants without capsule contractures. Because a single dose of amoxicillin (in the absence of penicillin allergy) is innocuous and very cheap, it is certainly a cost effective and prudent measure to preventing a potentially costly complication and protecting your excellent results from a Denver breast augmentation!