Best Time to Get Breast Augmentation Done to Be Ready for Summer

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Do you always flip to the article about “Swimsuits for Every Body Type” and check out their advice about the best swimsuits for small busts? Have you tried all their advice and still been unhappy with your look in a swimsuit? Do you wish you could feel a little more feminine in a sundress? Are you happy with all the results of your beach body workout, except for what it did to your breasts? If so, you may be wondering when is the best time to get breast augmentation so your results will be beach ready for the summer.

The answer depends on what exactly you mean by “beach ready.”

Minimum Recovery: Two Weeks

In general you should not count on any travel or activities less than two weeks after surgery. Some of our patients feel fine a few days after their procedure, but others are still feeling discomfort for more than a week after their surgery. By two weeks, you can begin gradually getting back to your normal exercise routine. Your incisions may also be healed (though this may take longer in some cases), which means you can swim.

Beach Blanket Bingo: Four to Six Weeks

If you are looking to engage in any strenuous activities on your beach vacation, such as beach volleyball, running along the waterline, vigorous dancing, or sexual activity, you should wait a little longer. The delicate blood vessels in the breasts can sometimes be damaged during breast augmentation. Sometimes they take a little longer to heal, and before they’re healed, any activity that really gets your heart going or causes a flushing response in your breasts can lead to superficial bleeding called a hematoma (kind of like a bruise). This isn’t a serious problem on its own, but it does increase your risk of capsular contracture.

Best Results: Up to Six Months

Although inserting breast implants immediately increases the size of your breasts, it can take time for the breast implants to be fully incorporated into your breasts. During this recovery time, your breasts will look good under most clothes, but may not look their best in a swimsuit. How long this takes depends on the exact composition of your breasts, your activity level, and more. It may take up to 3-6 months.

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