Denver Tubular Breast Reconstruction

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The tubular breast shape is more common than may be appreciated and treated frequently by me in my Littleton, Colorado plastic surgery practice.

The Tubular Breast deformity is one where the breast shape is more cylindrical than tear-dropped. The nipple and areola protrude excessively and the circumference of the breast appears very narrow and tight. The distance from the edge of the areola to the breast crease is shortened and the skin of the lower part of the breast is tight and appears constricted. The breast crease loses its definition.

For women with tubular breast deformity, there is often a great deal of self-consciousness which can lead to diminished self-image, embarrassment, and sexual inhibition. This can be mitigated with a Denver breast augmentation.

Breast asymmetry is very common with tubular breasts: the shapes of the two breasts are most commonly significantly different, requiring correction to get the left and right breasts to be a closer match.

The aesthetic reconstruction of the tubular breast is performed with saline breast implants or silicone breast implants. In my practice, I normally use subpectoral (submuscular) implantation.

Key to the repair of the tubular breast is the reshaping and redraping of the breast tissue. This is usually done through a circumareolar incision, which allows reduction of the protuberance of the breast tissue in the areola and resizing of the areola, if needed. Then, surgical reshaping of the breast tissue is done, and the tissues are released to allow for redraping of the breast and muscle around the implant.

The result is better symmetry with a very pleasing and beautiful breast shape that enhances a woman’s self image.

If you have – or someone you know has – a tubular breast, call to arrange a consultation to learn how you can transform the shape of your breast and feel better about your appearance.