Is Facelift Permanent?

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Facelift results can last for several years, but are not permanent. Our Denver plastic surgeon offers spa services that can help extend your facelift results. Call 303-470-3400 to learn moreWhen performed by a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Paul Zwiebel, facelift surgery can take years off your appearance while still producing a natural and unenhanced look. These results can last for several years, but cannot stop the aging process and are, therefore, impermanent. However, with proper care and supplemental nonsurgical treatments, this plastic surgery procedure can continue to produce pleasing results for ten or more years.

Caring for Your Skin

Following your facelift procedure you will want to take proper care of your skin. In Denver, this means staying moisturized and protected from the sun – both of which can be accomplished with a quality daytime moisturizer. For additional support, try a night cream for use while sleeping and never sleep with makeup on.

You can further help protect your skin by not smoking. Smoking will, more than any other single factor, diminish the results of your facelift procedure. There is no way to protect against the damages done by this habit. The only way to prevent wrinkling and the loss of moisture caused by tobacco use is to not smoke.

In addition to steps you can take at home to protect your skin and prolong your facelift results, our Highlands Ranch plastic surgeon offers a range of spa services to help keep your skin looking fresh and your appearance invigorated and youthful. We can discuss these treatments as needed or plan out services in advance to help ensure you get the most out of your facelift results.

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