Denver Revision Rhinoplasty

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In my practice, I have many patients who come to see me requesting revision rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) after they have had an unsatisfactory result from a procedure performed by another surgeon.. The problem is usually an unsatisfactory appearance, but may sometimes include functional (breathing) problems.

Why does this occur?

The nose is a complex structure and Denver rhinoplasty requires thorough understanding of the anatomy, facial aesthetics, nasal function, and refinement in surgical technique. Perhaps most importantly, (and no matter the specific specialty of the surgeon) consistent results in rhinoplasty depend upon the good judgment and experience of the well qualified Denver plastic surgeon. This is why some of us have developed a reputation as surgeons to see for revision rhinoplasty. The experienced rhinoplasty surgeon knows that the process begins with careful listening to the patient’s goals. Confirming that understanding is often done with computer imaging. The surgeon has to have the experience to know what can be realistically achieved and be able to communicate this to the patient.

The added complexity of secondary rhinoplasty includes working with the scarring and anatomy changes from the first procedure.

To know what to do is essential, but at least as important is to know when to do it. That insight is an important qualification of the experienced surgeon.