Breast Implants: Looking Real, Part 2: Shape

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On my last blog on Breast Implants: Looking Real: Part 1, I discussed the importance of the choosing the right size of breast implants, in order to avoid a fake appearance. In this blog, I will discuss how shape plays a big role in creating a “fake look.”

Perhaps the most noticeable characteristic of “the fake look” is a noticeable edge of the upper breast. A natural breast slopes gently from the chest wall, without a distinct demarcation from the curve of the upper chest. This upper part of the breast normally slopes gently, with a soft transition from the rib cage in the upper chest.

Because it isn’t normal to see a distinct line or edge to the top of the breast, our eye is distracted by seeing a line where it shouldn’t be. When we notice an edge to the top of the breast we conclude it must be “fake.”

The presence of an edge and too full or too round a breast makes the breasts look “hard,” like “pasted-on boobs,” or “grapefruits (substitute your favorite fruit here!) under the skin.”

How do you avoid the “paste-on look?”

First, the breast implant itself makes a big difference: if it is too large in size in proportion to your natural breast tissue, or if it is the wrong shape, the edge may be noticeable.

Your skin tone and thickness affects how well the edge of the implant is covered and camouflaged. Very thin skin in a slender woman will not hide the edges of the implant well.

The surgical technique can make a difference. Placing the implant beneath the pectoralis muscle provides more tissue coverage over the implant and the drape of the muscle over the implant smoothens the transition onto the implant in the upper part of the breast.

Capsule contracture can distort the shape of the breast: the tightening of the capsule around the implant can cause the “hard look” with the edges of the implant becoming too noticeable. (Please see my blog on avoiding capsule contracture).

How can you avoid an unnatural appearing result from breast implants? That guidance has to come from consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon in Denver. Breast implants need a specialist’s consideration—particularly from someone with a reputation for producing natural results.