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July 08, 2010

Laser resurfacing for Denver residents is in great demand because it allows a quick recovery for people wanting to improve the texture and pigment of their skin and reduce lines and wrinkles.

So, how does it work?

Let’s start with the basics of how lasers help to rejuvenate the skin: how does laser resurfacing reduce wrinkles? The answer is heat!

By heating up the collagen in the skin with the laser, a specialized laser resurfacing in Denver, which are designed to stimulate collagen to smoothen the skin: ultrasound (...

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June 03, 2010

Previously, I wrote a post on my Denver plastic surgery blog, “5 Really Important Things to Do to Prevent Capsule Contracture,”  explaining the importance for women with breast implants to be sure to take a single dose of amoxicillin (or another antibiotic if you have penicillin allergy) before having a surgical procedure or having your teeth cleaned by the dentist or hygienist.

For decades, antibiotic prophylaxis was standard for people with heart murmurs to prevent developing an infection of the heart valves. Recently, The American...

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May 25, 2010

All women considering Denver plastic surgery will want to be well informed about the procedures they are considering. In my blog on capsule formation, I talked about good capsules and bad capsules. Every woman who gets implants must know how to get the good capsule and avoid the bad one!

1. No High Impact Activities for 6 Weeks: The body takes about 6 weeks to make the capsule, after breast implant surgery. During that 6 week time period, the tissue around the implant is still a raw surface and is easily irritated by excessive...

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May 20, 2010

development of firmness of the breast after breast implants. Denver women should always take the time to understand all aspects of the breast augmentation process.

What is a “capsule” and why is it so important to a successful result to breast augmentation? Is there a “good capsule”? How do you avoid a “bad capsule”? The answers are ones that every women having breast implant should know!

The Pocket: When we perform a Denver breast augmentation, we create a space (also called the “pocket”) for the implant behind the natural...

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May 19, 2010

The New Year is a time to make resolutions, get a “new start,” and promise to do things we‘ve been postponing. It’s common to include health and fitness in our resolve for the New Year.

The best route to fitness and a great figure is always through the gym and a regular workout regimen. But if you have some areas that out of proportion with the rest of your physique and don’t seem to respond to your best efforts, Denver liposuction (lipoplasty, liposculpture) or tummy tuck can help rid you of those problem areas.

The state of...

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April 29, 2010

The greatest refinements in cosmetic nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) are the ones that produce a natural result, one that does not look like the person had had plastic surgery. Technical refinements make important differences, but the keys to success are often much more basic.

A major reason for a nose looking “done” is disproportion: the nose has to fit the face, and the parts of the nose have to be in proportion to the other parts of the nose.

Other bad results occur when the nose is “overdone.” Trying to accomplish more than is...

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February 10, 2010

I received a phone call, late Wednesday night requesting I join International Medical Relief team going to Port au Prince,Haiti. We left Friday night, encountering an obstacle,Saturday morning, with security refusing to let our team board our connecting flight from NYC. Apparently, they lost authorizing paperwork. We were diverted to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and took a 10 hour van ride to get to Port au Prince.

My role here has been as a primary care doctor and as a reconstructive surgeon tending to wounds of varying...

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January 08, 2010

I am frequently asked about two new less invasive technologies for liposuction and body contouring: Zerona and Zeltiq. I have been following them closely to see if Denver body contouring patients and Denver liposuction patients might benefit. Zerona uses a laser applied to the body surface to reduce fat without incisions or recovery time by leaking fat from fat cells. The treatments are about 45 minutes long and should be done at least twice a week for 4 to 6 weeks. So far, I haven’t seen good scientific information to confirm that the...

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December 21, 2009

Among the changes in skin with aging, the loss of skin elasticity is one of the most important. Skin elasticity determines the tone of the skin, the ability of the skin to remain firm and resist stretching. The loss of elasticity leads to sagging, wrinkles and folds.

Cosmetic Surgery cannot restore elasticity. With various surgical procedures we can remove extra, stretched out skin, which can improve shape and contour, and reduce some folds.

When we do lifting procedures, we may pull the skin tight, but how tight the skin...

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December 02, 2009

Another distressing news story about a death after elective cosmetic surgery: a 39 year old former Miss Argentina died of complications following cosmetic surgery, this week.

It’s been two years since Donda West (mother of Kanye West) succumbed to complications after a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Are these deaths avoidable?

Legislative attempts to regulate safety are not always as helpful as intended.

The best way to avoid complications is to have a conscientious well trained Plastic Surgeon performing your...

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